Saturday, March 20, 2010

We love swimming

I have concentrated on getting the kids swimming lessons this summer.  I used to take the girl but she kept coming home with a runny nose and feeling sick.  But in the last couple of years new owners have taken over the local indoor swimming place and so far so good.  J loves her lessons, unfotunately we cant go this morning as we all have the flue!  YUK.  R loves them too, i still go in the pool with him as he isnt confident by himself yet but J is getting more confident with every lesson.

Here is a link to a small you tube clip i made on my mobile (its not the best sorry but you can check out our cute little pool).

Our pool

R is the nudie... J is in the blue top and red shorts (and cries at the end for some unknown reason!) and the other little girls are Sophie and Kelsi who live on both sides of us.