Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friends and phones

Me and Louise (Lulu)

 I was so happy to have Lulu and Steve visiting from Adelaide.  I am hoping this time next year they are living in Lake Macquarie or close to us!

Daddy and Rory having a hug
 Gotta have Daddy cuddles, they are very precious.  Especially since Daddy is working so much lately.

Unidentified rash on Rory's body. 
 Rory woke up with this rash all over his body.  I rang HealthDirect and spoke with a nurse and since he had no other symptoms i.e temperature, lethargic etc i was told to monitor him.  It was gone a couple of days later.  Strange but thats kids!

Taking photos of each other
 What a little spunk bubble!

Lying in bed having a snuggle
 We are both a bit tired still when we took these self portraits.

Snuggle time with my girl

Me and Renee at Movember party
 My nephew organised a Movember party, raising money for mens health especially Prostate cancer and depression.  Its a great cause.  So most men grew moustaches in the month of November, hence the MOvember part.  Me and my buddy Renee wore our beautifully crafted moustaches.

The kids playing on Steve and Lulu's iphones
I dont currently have an iphone4.  Im sure i will one day, but im quite happy with my pink Samsung 480i.  The kids loved playing with the iphones, especially the talking cat one.