Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why i started this blog

I first started this blog purely to let friends and family catch up on what we were up to and see photos of the kids.  Then i thought, wow this is a great way for the kids to see what we have done too and i hope when they are older they will appreciate it (that reminds me i must do a back up lol).

A huge bonus for me is meeting people on their blogs and interacting with them.  I also love having my favourite blogs listed on my blog so i can see when everyone puts a new blog entry so i can catch up over brekkie.  This is the easiest time for me, eating my porridge and cup of black tea while the kids are having their brekkie at the kitchen table watching ABC kids (great babysitter).  One of my favourite blogs is Carly's blog.  She is such a fantastic writer, very funny, talented, inspirational and a pleasure to read!

We have decided, as a family to travel around Australia in about 3 years time.  We are selling up everything - house, cars, business you name it and buying a caravan and truck and heading around for about a year.  So having a blog will be wonderful to record all our adventures and photos.
Here are some of my non-virtual great mates...

Me and Lulu, we did meet virtually about 12 years ago via a penpal site, as Louise is from Northern England.  I visited her there and she come over here and decided that was it, she was moving here.  So after a couple of years of hard slog and lots of money, her and Steve her fiancee first moved to Adelaide and now they live in Gosford, only an hours drive from me YAY!!!!

Me and Sam, we met about 3 years ago, she rang me about a playgroup i was running and we have been mates every since, she lives one street from me and she is very funny and enjoys a good time.

Me and Chewy.  We met in High School and she knows me inside out.  She now lives in Brisvegas so I dont get to see her very often, which is sad but we do love to catch up.  Oh and her real name is Nicole, but to  me and my family she will always be Chewy (long story).  My kids even call her Chewy which just cracks us up!


Gina said...

Wow! Exciting times. It will be such a big adventure selling up and travelling so freely. Why the three year wait? I'd be afraid that normal life would get in the way and the moment would be lost in the practicalities of normal life. Are you tempted to just up and go now?!!!!!

Belinda said...

Hi Gina, yeah sometimes i wish i was here now. We are waiting until Jakayla is in year 5 and Rory in year 2 so they are old enough to remember parts of the trip. Rory is too young for me, still in nappies at night etc i would like them to be just a little bit more independent. Also so much to do, selling house and getting it ready for sale, carefully considering what vehicle and Wayne buying a caravan and possible renovating it. arrrghhhh Its scary but exciting!