Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bits and Bobs...

Rory usually loves shopping, today he wasnt too keen lol.   The last day of the term was Jakayla's sports school carnival.  Unfortunately it rained so most races were called off.  But look at those long legs run!

What more can I say, Jakayla and her boyfriend Tim.  He had a sleep over and they had a blast!

OK kids, this is a DETERRENT from drinking alcohol.  That night you slept at Nan and Pop's, well this is what Mummy got up to.  Very naughty Mummy. I paid dearly for it the next day, remember when Mummy stayed on the lounge ALL DAY LONG and Daddy had to pull the car over a couple of times so Mummy could oh so elegantly vomit in the grass.  Yeah this is that night. I had a ball with Lulu and Steve but gee not keen to repeat it all those red wines again anytime soon!

Visiting Uncle Steve at his new place.