Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Girl starts School!

Yesterday was my girls first day at Kindergarten.
She has been waiting a long long time for this day.  It was most exciting.  They scattered the start times for all kids so there wasnt a huge rush.  Me and the hubby both went and she was such a good girl, very brave and sat with her buddy, Nikki, and did some colouring in.

When i picked her up in the afternoon she looked a bit tired but said she had a good day, although it was a bit boring and she wished she could have played more outside then sit in the classroom LOL.

Today she asked what she was going to do... and i said back to school... and she said 'again??'.  How cute. 

yep kid...again. 

im really pleased how well she went and here are some photos...


On the weekend we visited our friends who live in Sydney in Killarney Heights.  Nice part of Sydney is that suburb..


The baby boy hasnt quite worked up the courage to ride his bike that he got for xmas, but the other day him and daddy checked it out and made sure it was in good working order..


Here is a photo of me and my mum and dad.  Who do you think i look like?


Playing with friends is one of the best memories i have from childhood... i just loved playing at someone elses home and hanging out with buddies, and i encourage it with my kids too.

We dont have a trampoline... our next door neighbour does and when we visited our friends on the weekend the kids had a great time playing.