Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parties, haircuts and fun.

The older my kids get the more parties we go to.  Last weekend one of the parties was held at the local giant playgym called Megamania.  The kids can run around for 4 hours, eat party food and then we take them home exhausted but happy!

I got a haircut last week.  Here is before and after.  I rarely wore my hair out when long, but i do love long hair, although i probably love the thought of long hair more then anything... and its so thick and wavy its really hard to have it look pretty.  So off i cut it.  My hubby likes it better shorter too!

Recently my girl had my camera and took some photos.  Here are her photos and i guess what is interesting to her...

The other night the kids were really quiet.  So i had to go and investigate.  I found them in the loungeroom playing lovely together.  J was making beds for R to sleep in and he was happily accommodating her.

Hello home grown corn!

Next week J is turning 5, so im sure there will be heaps of photos from the cupcakes at school and the party on Saturday.


Gina said...

Nice hair cut!

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Love your haircut!! Corn looks pretty good too!! Have a great weekend!