Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Ballarat!

We loved our holiday at Ballarat.  I would move there in a flash,  but it is 1100km's from here and i would miss my family and friends... plus its too cold for Wayne to work in his profession (a builder, so holding tools when its 2C doesnt work very well!).

This is us at a park in Pennant Hills.  It was freezing this morning and we were nowhere near Ballarat!  We stopped for brekkie and a stretch of the legs.

Giant wind turbines just past Goulburn.  They weigh 80 tonnes and are 80m tall!  We were very impressed.

We stayed the night at Glenrowen.  This is the place where Ned Kelly was captured and the battle was placed.  This is also the first night Rory slept in a big boy bed.  They loved it!

This is Trentham Falls, we are about an hours drive from Ballarat now.  It was absolutely freezing here and lighty raining.  They have had so much water lately that this gorgeous waterfall started to flow!
The view from our loungeroom window at the place we stayed.  Very old building dating back to the 1800's.

View from the carpark.  It used to be a boys home run by nuns.    

More photos to come....


Gina said...

Looks great!

I like how you are teasing out your trip into different blog posts!

Keeps us hanging out for more!