Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ballarat was freezing but very pretty!

Honestly i dont think we have ever been this cold anywhere else in Australia.  Sure it wasnt as cold as Scotland when i visited there at Christmas time a few years ago but boy it had a biting wind and it seemed to leak through the 5 layers of clothes we had on LOL.  The kids wore their beanies permanently.
More photos of where we stayed
Honestly this was sooooo cold here. I on purpose got the kids a jumper each about 3 sizes too large so i could put another 2 jumpers underneath.  Rory learnt to put his hands in his pockets to keep warm   

The roads around Ballarat were gorgeous.  So many old buildings i just loved looking at them.  I love history and really there isnt many old buildings in Australia compared to say the UK so i was so excited to see their 'old' buildings everywhere.

The only real sunny day was a Wednesday so we got up early and headed down to Anakie where Fairy Park is.  We were the only people there, we couldnt believe it!

Housed in specially stylised buildings of castles, cottages and caves all set amongst neatly kept gardens, giant boulders and lovely water features.

There are over 22 animated hand crafted scenes that will come to life
at the push of a button, all with digitised sound and lighting.


Gina said...

It looks beautiful but I spent long enough growing up in the cold. Bring on the Aussie summer!

Belinda from Australia said...

I definately love the cooler weather over our hot summers BUT i will be very happy to say goodbye to the germs and bugs that only winter breeds!