Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strawberry time again

ahhhh our strawberries have finally started to go a lovely shade of mouth watering red.  We have been eating them for about a week now and this is one of the big fella's they Wayne took a photo of next to a 20c coin.  Just to show how big he really is.

and he was delicious too!!

 I wonder what we will pick this morning... yum.


Lynn Hahn said...

I love strawberry plants! I can't eat them because I get a rash but my family can so I live vicariously through them lol.

Your blog is beautiful. My kids are all grown up and married. Good that you're enjoying yours. The time just flies by.

Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Belinda said...

Im so sorry to hear you get a rash!!!! We really enjoy ours and the kids love picking, washing and eating them :)