Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 years married

Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary.  Wayne got me a lovely new Samsung  F480i touch phone.  It's very exciting.  The best thing is the awesome 5MP camera in it.  Recently my camera died so i was using the camera in my old mobile camera.  Thank you sweetie for a lovely gift!

Im a lucky girl!!!
My present to Wayne wasnt as luxurious... he got some chocolates and bbq cleaner BUT i did get him a copy of...

We love Total Drama Island.  It's supposed to be for kids but its so hilarious.

This morning Jakayla woke up 'starving' so i asked her what she wanted for brekkie... she thought long and hard about it and decided on daddy's yummy yogurt and strawberries.  So i took a bowl outside to pick some strawberries...

I knew Rory would be awake soon so i got his porridge ready.  He loves a big bowl of porridge drizzled with honey.

Sorry Rory, my photo editing software has a Halloween section.  I couldnt help myself :)

I've decided that Wayne eats too much so i have down-graded his fork..


StylingYou said...

We love Total Drama Action too!

nault's nook said...

found your blog through blog frog. Im a new follower!

Belinda said...

thanks guys, will check out your blogs shortly :)

Tonia Sanders said...

Thanks for visiting me at www.TheChattyMomma.com

Your kids are adorable, and I love the delicious breakfast you prepare for them. Fresh strawberries and yogurt is a favorite of my daughter Isabella!