Friday, October 22, 2010

We love fruit!

ahhh we love springtime too.  Our strawberry patch is coming along just nicely and each day we can pick nearly a bowl full of delicious strawberries.  Here is Rory with today's beautiful pick...

How good are watermelons this time of year and so cheap too.  I think this whole watermelon cost me about 70cents.

Lets not forget avocados.  I so desperately want an avocado tree but my hubby thinks they are a pain.  Being a builder he has seen the damage these trees can cause so i will make do with buying them!  Dont you just love my avocado keeper i got from Tupperware a while ago!


Renee A said...

I am going to come and steal your strawberries...when is the next patch due for picking?

Belinda said...

about every 2-3 days luv x