Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An update - I've been busy!

I have been busy, i finally got a job thats my most important news.  I have been looking for part-time work for a while now and I found a great job.  Im a PA for a Recruitment business.  I work a couple of days a week and/or do some work from home.  It fits in perfect with school hours and my kids.  Eventually when Rory goes to school i will have more work but for the moment its wonderful!  Here's some photos from the last couple of weeks...

My Dad turns 74!

My sister Joanne and me

Rory loves swimming lessons

Jakayla sitting on our Motorbike with Daddy (it's ok its not moving)

A pretty girl :)

Trixie just got hosed down and wasnt too impressed lol

Rory and his best buddy Ben

Jakayla and Rory playing at Stuart's house


Gina said...

You've been busy!!!

Well done on the job. It sounds like it fits in really well with being a Mum which is all you can ask for when your kids are little!