Monday, October 18, 2010

Swimming Superstar!

I didnt start swimming lessons for Rory until the beginning of this year.  I found that when Jakayla started when she was younger she kept getting a lot of colds and sickness from the pool so i delayed Rory.  He is going strong now, already gone up two levels and he swam by himself (with the instructor Robyn that is, i wasnt in the pool holding him like usual!).  He wasnt too keen at first, trying to take my clothes off to find my cossies LOL but eventually he settled down and i got some great shots.  Jakayla has been swimming all year with just an instructor and this Friday she hops in the big bus and goes with her class to the pool for swimming lessons.  Im so proud :)

Rory has a great relationship with his Pop (my Dad).  My dad is a bit of a teaser and loves to play with Rory.  But saying that, Nanna is the one who brings the cupcakes when she visits so she is welcomed with open arms too!

I recently purchases a Buzz Lightyear sheet set from Ebay.  Pre-loved of course and a bargain at $15.  So this is the result and my little boy was in love....

Little Athletics is still loads of fun, last Friday it started to rain and the wind came in but we stayed for a little while.  Jakayla is in the under 6's and Rory is in the Tinytots.