Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magical school holidays

School holidays vary between the states of Australia and also around the world.  Its amazing to think that some people are starting Autumn and we are starting Spring.  I love spring its my favourite season.  The days are warm and sunny, with flowers blooming and my herb garden is starting to ripen.  The nights are still cool enough to snuggle under the doona.

Taken in our garden.  They close up during the night.

This is the last week of school holidays before Jakayla goes back to school (kindergarten) next week.  Its also her final term before she embarks on Year 1.  Wow my baby is growing up!

Yesterday i took the kids to see a magician at the local library.  It was hilarious, the kids enjoyed all the kid jokes and the parents enjoyed all the adult 'behind the words' jokes.  Very entertaining...

Having friends over is always good fun and laughs.  I had 6 kids in my house this morning.  Lots of noise and running around.  My friend Alarna was in hospital having her baby girl (Karla) so i minded her boy Stuart.  We love him visiting he is such a quiet happy little boy.  I cant wait to meet Karla this afternoon!

My superhero... in sunglasses.

And last but not least.... i mixed up some strawberries from the garden and some strawberry ice cream and froze them to make yummy icecream blocks.