Sunday, October 10, 2010


I just had to make an entry today for such a special date!

WOW 10/10/10.
 I had to put this photo in.  I always shop at my local Lifeline for my kids.  The clothes are pre-loved but in such good condition.  Here is an example.  Rory's shirt says "Dont let the bed bugs bite" and Jakayla is wearing a fairy cake pj's.  Great isnt it.  They always get new stuff for their birthdays so i leave the general clothes to buy from Lifeline.  I have even picked myself up some nice tops and jeans!


Kebeni said...

i love op shopping and try to buy there first if I can. I like the idea of not contributing to demand

Belinda said...

I also love it and the other day when buying these clothes i dropped off 3 bags of clothes from my wardrobe. Feel good moment all round :)

Gina said...

What a good way to save money and do good recycling for the environment! Good on you!

JESS said...

New blog follower via the Sunday blog hop!

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- Jess