Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fitness Challenge

I entered a fitness challenge at my local gym 6 weeks ago.
The challenge goes for 12 weeks and the winner receives $800.
I had my first weigh in yesterday and im happy to report 5kg lost with 6cm off the bust and 3cm off the hip/belly area.  I gained 1cm on both my arms and thighs... which i have been assured is just toning up (i hope so!!!!!!!!!).


Gina said...

Good on you!

I started a 12 week challenge in work. We are calling it 12 weeks of Public Humiliation because we will weigh each other on the ward scales and write our weight up on a wall poster every week for the next 12 weeks.

No money prize at the end though :-(

BAS said...

oh dear... public humiliation... hmmm well it would get you cracking the treadmill a bit, to save face. thank god no one knows my details :-)