Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun filled day

Wow what a busy day we had today.
It started off with me frantically baking some choc chip cookies for my DD's pre-school fete.
Then heading to the fete in unseasonal warmth (27C today, when usually its 21C this time of year!). The kids had a great time!

Here DS enjoys the climbing gym.

DD with her face painted in a rainbow.

Sitting next to her best friend and all her other pre-school friends singing "Give me a home amongst the gumtree".  Too cute.

Then a quick trip home for lunch and a quick nap for DS before heading over to The Entrance to see my sisters (one is visiting from Canberra so havent seen her in 6 months). 

 We went for a walk down to the boulevarde and the kids had a ride on the merry-go-round (thanks Jo for holding onto them LOL).

And another play on another playgym!

Funny enough both sound asleep when their heads hit their pillows tonight.  Dont think im far off it myself.  Goodnight!!