Monday, September 21, 2009

Who are you???

Im dead curious who is reading my blog.
From my clustrmap (above) i can see red dots from all over the USA, England, Ireland and i think Japan?  And of course a few in my homeland.
I hope of course to get lots more blogging friends over the next few months but if you have popped in here for a look please say hello!
Leave a comment, tell me who are you.. where you are from.
I dont bite.
I promise :-)


Gina said...

You know me.

I live around the corner.

I've met you once in real life and I promise everyone that you honestly don't bite but your darling son has an appetite that scares me and I'm not sure I would like to be in your house if the contents of your fridge was running low!

Belinda from Australia said...

LOL Gina. Thats true he eats like a teenager already and he just turned 2. We gotta meet at the park again, school holidays are just around the corner...

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Hi Belinda! i'm Diana a.k.a. Meme from Westlake Ohio!
A proud Meme to some darling grand children. Your blog is great and it was nice to visit! I'll be back... Have a great day today!

Gina said...

A park day sounds great. So far I have an empty two weeks. Just say a day and I will put it in the diary. You get first pick!

Belinda from Australia said...

Hi Diana,
WOW you dont look like you could have grandchildren! I just checked out your blog, great photos! Thanks for leaving a comment, and i hope you come back soon.

Gina, 1st October, Thurs.... 10.30 at the park???