Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthdays, babies and fun

Well, the MOTH (man of the house) recently turned 37 so we went out for dinner to help him celebrate.  I always like to make sure we do something for him, considering its so close to xmas so they can kinda get blurred together!

How many princesses can there be in one bed i ask you?

J loves the computer.  I really have to monitor the time she spends on it.  The computer isnt on the internet (yet) so its mainly games on there.

Here is Emelia my friend Sam's new baby girl.  She was quite a surprise, Sam swore she was having a boy (her first baby was a boy, Max is 19 months old).

R is so cheeky... always closing his eyes (on purpose mind) when i go to take photos!!!!!

We love our baths!

We went to Carols by Candlelight on Sunday night held at our local park.  It was fun but we didnt stay too long, the natives (i.e kids) were getting restless but it was great to see our little park filled with hundreds and hundreds of people and to see friends.

The MOTH is currently outside busy putting together our gorgeous little pool and mega slide.  We will be using it for the first time this afaternoon, so will post photos tomorrow.  It's a hot one today too so we cant wait!

PS - a big hello to my mate Moira who is popping in here for a visit!!!


Gina said...

Happy Christmas Belinda.
I hope your house is filled with fun and laughter over the next few days.

Woman said...

Hi Bindi Woman
I'm still alive and kicking and having a quiet New Year...just me,mal,the dog and lots of bubbly. Mal's cooking up a storm on the BBQ. Got lots to tell you, Laura got new man and bought house...bout time. Happy New Year, stay happy and keep loving the MOTH.