Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More sailing and feasts to eat!

On Friday night it was my usual sailing fun time.  It didnt rain this time, but we did get to eat Mick the Masterchefs delicious beef spare ribs... yum thanks Mick!

On Sunday night we had some friends around.. and we all cooked up a vegetarian feast.  Jase, who is the only real vegetarian thought he had gone to heaven!

What you dont see here is the sausage rolls we had for entree and the apple enchiladas for dessert!  What a great night with great friends - Jase, Suzy, Sam, Josh, Max, Ned and us!

My friend Sam is due to have her baby in a couple of weeks.  It's very exciting.
We dont plan on having any more kids, so its nice to have babies around.
I get very clucky around newborns.

both looking a little hot and bothered.

Speaking of weather, its been so weird lately.  Really really hot days (see above) and then the first day of summer (December 1st) was something like 21C!!!  Dont get me wrong though, i love this cooler weather and the kids sleep better too (YAY!).

Jakayla had her Pre-school xmas concert last night, i took the video camera with me.  I will try and get some good still shots to put on here.