Friday, December 18, 2009

So much going on!

wow... havent done a post in a couple of weeks.  Things are always so hectic around Christmas, but i have been taking heaps of photos.  Now i just have to put them into collages so i can put them on here...

Some photos of J and notice the new school uniform!
She officially starts school on the 3rd February 2010.  How exciting.
Also a cheeky one of her and her brother.

Here are some photos taken at J's last day of Pre-School.
What a fabulous school it was too, the teachers were so kind and caring.  
She absolutely loved it and has already asked if she can go to big school AND pre-school.

Waiting for pre-school to open.

So, we are trying to grow a blueberry tree.   He is only a baby but hopefully by the time my kids are old enough to read my blog and (hopefully) like it.. the tree will be huge and given us many years of lovely fruit!

We don't go to Maccas (McDonalds) very often.  Maybe twice a year for a treat.  So the other day it was hot, we were all hungry and we knew we passed a Maccas on the way home (well, thats not that hard really, they pop up anywhere all the time!!!).  
Here are some photos of us enjoying an ice cream cone each.

On the weekend i went to Adelaide, South Australia for the weekend.  It was my first trip away from the kids and i was sooooo excited to see my friends but dreading leaving the kids.  I was devastated for the first hour after i left as J screamed and tried to run towards the train.
I was in tears and so was she.  R seemed OK but got sooky when he heard my voice on the phone.
We also skyped on the computer so was good to see them too.

Planes, Train and Automobiles was a lot of my weekend!

And can you believe it.. no photos of Louise on my camera!  We did get a professional shot taken of the both of us, so as soon as i get a copy of that its on here!
Look at the size of that mirror!  Taken at the Sebel Playford.


Last twilight sail of the year (for me as i was in SA for the final). 
It starts up again mid January, so more silly photos to come no doubt...

And last but not least... a quick photo of a recent leg of lamb i cooked.
Sorry to any vego's reading this.
I dont eat as much meat as i used to but gee we love a good lamb roast with homegrown rosemary and garlic.


Gina said...

Looks like you have been busy!

I am struggling to update my blog in the lead up to Christmas and have been using a photo a day from the advent calendar be a time saving way of doing it!

Hope you get some chill out time.