Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strange weather

We have been having some awfully strange weather here lately.
During the week it was lovely and then the weekend came and we had a major electrical thunderstorm on Friday night.  Yes, and i went sailing in it!

I can't describe how much fun i had... i spent most of the time on the bow of the yacht so i had to hold on tightly so i wasnt thrown overboard... rain pelting down on me...thunder and lightning all around.  Just awesome.  Sooo far out of my comfort zone it wasnt funny... and i guess thats why i liked it so much!  Here are some photos i took...

As you can see at the beginning of the race it was quite calm but with grey skies.

Then we were hit by the storm and get drenched.. but still had a fabulous time! 
Alarna lost her sailing shoes!

Then today it was a stinker!  Quite low humidity but very hot and gusty westerly winds made it very uncomfortable to be outside.  Got the washing dried on the line in not time flat though :-)  Must be weird from people overseas to see this sorta weather this time of year.  I went to the UK for Christmas one year and it snowed on christmas day for me.  WOW.  Im so used to hot days and swimming.

I swear im not cut out for this heat, born and raised here yet i sometimes think i was born in the wrong country... i have very fair skin, freckle and burn easily and find the heat extremely uncomfortable and draining.  I would like to live in Alaska or Scotland i think... where the weather is cooler... i love rainy days lol.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

You are sure brave sailors!! Dedicated beyond words. I would have been freaking out!! Love the picture collages!!

Gina said...

Our first year here in Australia after emigrating I just about melted on the 40degree days. I doubted that I would be able to cope with living here long term. Then I met Australians who talked about how draining the heat could be. I learned not to vacuum or mow the grass on those days and adjust to life like a true Aussie. Cold drink in hand and the air con on!