Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ladies Day Sailing

On Sunday, our sailing club held their annual Ladies Day Sail...
The men can sail too of course but they must look after us and bring
a plate of food to the party afterwards.
This years theme was the Melbourne Cup i.e horses and hats.

What a fabulous Horses head Alarna, well done!
And amazingly he stayed there the whole race...

The hats were great too.

That hat didnt want to stay put!

Crazy boys.

Me and Alarna with her horses whip lol

 Popping my head out of the cabin

Back at the club.  J with the horses head and tail.
Still cant believe they both stayed in perfect condition
throughout the race.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Wow...great horses head!! The weather looked a little gusty but you look like you are all having fun!

Belinda from Australia said...

Yes Diana it was very gusty so we held on tight that day! A lot of boats didn't sail... what whimps LOL. It's so much fun and such a gorgeous lake!

Gabriella said...

You all look as if you had a lot of fun :)

Beautiful blog!