Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cooking, Disco's and Milestones.

Yes a lot to cover for the week that's been.

On Tuesday i went to the Vegetarian Cooking class again.  They cooked Spinach Gozlemes (my favourite), couscous and apricot pudding, Almond Horchata and various dips.

Looks delicious huh!  Next Tuesday its Mexican.

So i decided to make my own Gozleme's...

This one has baby spinach leaves, fetta, roasted capsicum and tasty cheese.
I also used wholemeal flour, extra virgin olive oil and topped with lemon juice.

On Friday night it was J's preschool's disco.  It's great fun and she gets to see all her friends and it also raises much needed funds for the non-profit school.  R loves it too of course.

I cooked a pizza last night....

Left over lamb, fetta, my baby tomatoes and snow peas from the garden, avocado, pine nuts, rosemary and oregano from my garden topped with a light sprinkle of tasty cheese.  Served with fresh baby spinach leaves.  YUM.

And the milestone goes to R.. who did his first wee on the potty!  Well done son.
 Hope you're not reading this when you're older and cringing LOL.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Ha funny... he will be cringing... just don't put it in his wedding video! I did make my blog into a book so my grandchildren would have it later, as a journal of mine.
Never thought about how they might cringe as I tell their precious stories!! Can't wait to see what you cook for Mexican favorite foods!!