Monday, November 2, 2009

To my children...

Hi kids,
When i first started to write this blog i did it mainly for family and friends who live distances away and couldnt see you all the time.

Then, i thought gee it would be fun to meet some new blogging friends on here (and i luckily have and hopefully many more to come in the future years...)

It was only recently that i realised that the most wonderful thing about this blog, is that is a diary for YOU TWO.  You can see the date, see the photos and some small description from me of what we are up to at this stage in our lives.

So J, when you read this know how much i love you and you are the most wonderful daughter a mum could ask for.  You have your own sense of humour and are so sweet and kind and loving.  Not to say you dont drive your mum and dad crazy ocassionally, but know that we love you dearly.

Minutes old but two weeks late!
4.36kg (9pd 10)
57cm long

We got you home and didnt know what to do with you!!!
We layed you in your cot and just stared and stared.

My big girl now.
What a spunk!

R, my baby boy.  You entered the world at 10pounds (and 57cm)and you havent looked back since LOL.   You are full of energy and like to already eat us out of house and home at only just past 2yrs old.  I look forward to being your "Mumma" for many years to come.

You entered the world not breathing and i in those few seconds it
took for the doctor to resusitate you were the longest few seconds
of my entire life.

You have always been a great sleeper... and eater.
I breastfed you to you were 2yrs old.

So happy and healthy and  my (big) baby boy.
Using the growth charts you have always been
above the top line in a % all of your own!!!

Love you both xxx


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Great idea Belinda... I do the same thing on my blog for my grandchildren. I call the segments "Did you know?" I then had my blog made into a book. It is a treasured keepsake that they will alway have!

Gina said...

I feel the same about my blog. At first for other people but now for the kids more than anything else!