Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have some people lost their minds?

I will be honest, im not THAT into Christmas sorry.  I find it too commercialised and just a little bit silly!!! 

What i do love is spending time with my family and giving my kids presents and passing out with the heatwave in the afternoon... you know the drill (unless you are from the UK, USA etc when you have snow - too strange for me to think about lol).

But honestly, i think some people have lost their minds!  Theres a house near us that has (i will admit) fantastic christmas decorations.  BUT they started to put them up 2 weeks ago.  When it was still October.  Give me a break!

Can you see the reindeer on the roof?
That in itself is a bit of a crack up. 
Its 33C (91F) and all our decorations are for the snow!!!

Took this on my mobile while driving very slowly past.
Missed most of the house lol.
I will post more photos in DECEMBER when they have the lights on.


Gina said...

That's our house...

Only joking! I love Christmas but I sometimes wish I could prevent myself seeing anything Christmas related until December. It is sad that you can get fed up of Christmas music in the shops by the middle of November.

Minimal works best sometimes.

Belinda from Australia said...

HAHA lucky i know you DONT live in Wangi!!!!
Crazy people. I mean sure, get into the spirit of things but in October????