Friday, November 13, 2009


We had a fun day yesterday....
I took some photos of the kids beds after they woke as they look so cuddly!

R's cot.  He still fits so we will leave him be for the time being!

J's bed.  Can it be pinker... or more princessey?

R has just woken up and they both have their Pooh bears to cuddle.

A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year.  I have know my friend, L, for 18yrs now and she has been one of my best friends and such a great person to be around.  When she was diagnosed with Leukemia it was such a shock to all but we knew she would fight it... and she did!  Yesterday while visiting me she got the phone call saying she is in remission.  A few tears were shed... and few hugs were had. 

A glimpse of the white tube in the chest... its comes out on the 1st December! YAY!

During the week i donated some blood to the Red Cross and its something i will now do every 12 weeks.  I found out that Leukemia patients need blood transplants after nearly round of chemotherapy.  So thats a lot of blood!  It's just so easy to give..... and thanks to other donors, my beautiful friend is alive and healthy today.


Gina said...

Unfortunately I moved to the UK in July 1996. If I had moved there in August I would be cleared to give blood here in Australia but because of the dates I can never donate here. I was a regular donor in Ireland and the UK. I even gave my first donation on my 18th birthday. What a shame I am motivated but excluded because of Mad Cow Disease :-(