Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's photo theme: Temper Tantrums.

Hi Kids...
Today's theme is temper tantrums.
Of course, you are the most perfect children...
BUT sometimes you would test my patience and if a camera was available i would happily click away.
99% of the time you are happy little chaps...and then theres times like these..

We were at a Macca's party and i cant quite remember why you had a tanty...
but you recovered quickly enough!

Oh J... wonder what happened here.  You didnt look too happy did you!

This is at playgroup one day.  Obviously you didnt get your way and threw yourself on the ground.  Thats my left foot getting in nice and close for a shot!

 OK so R  you are only a baby but you didnt look like you were enjoying this cuddle with Daddy and big sister.

Well kids these are the only tantrum photos i could find, so im not that horrible a mother and took heaps.  I have thousands of happy shots which will come later.  Love Mum xx


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Tantrums can be good... a release! Wish I could throw one every now and then!!! Great shots!