Saturday, October 31, 2009

Twilight Sailing

Every Friday night i go Twilight Sailing on lovely Lake Macquarie.
Usually there are 5 of us... my friends Alarna and Julian (who own the boat), Mick (who is our Masterchef and every week brings something delicious to eat for dinner) and me and my hubby.

Last night the hubby stayed home to babysit.  We usually have various friends and family helping out there but last night the babysitter couldnt make it so hubby volunteered!   He did a great job looking after our two and Alarna's little boy.

Here are som photos from last night...





Sorry, not the clearest of photos taken on the phone camera.

This wont be the last time i post photos from my Friday night twilight sail...


Gina said...

That looks fantastic! I will be waving to the dots on the lake next weekend!