Thursday, October 29, 2009


We have had a busy time of late.
On Friday i drove to the airport and picked up a friend of mine who i used to go to school with.  She spent the weekend with us.  We got up to lots... some of it was no good LOL but we had a great time!

In amongst all this im trying to toilet train my 2yr old boy.. who thinks he is a dog.  And my girl who rarely wears anything but pink decides to get in the frame.  What messy house??!!!

Tis the season to find spiders everywhere.. la la la la laaaaaaaaa
Cobwebs everywhere and sometimes the big spiders come inside! 
Not impressed Mr Huntsman!

My friend has a lovely GHD straitener so of course my girl wanted her hair done.  Gee it changed her whole face and made her look older!

I like this photo.  This is what usually happens every morning.  Hubby is having brekkie.  The girl climbs on his lap for a cuddle.  The baby boy is still asleep!

Taken recently at my gym.  I had just finished an aerobics class and my friend took a photo of me and the kids.  I have never seen my kids smile together... at the same time... in a photo!


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

It is a great photo!! The "girl" does look so much older with her hair that way!! Good luck with the potty training... your little puppy!! Too funny!