Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 years

Today the hubby and i are celebrating 6 years of marriage.
He forgot.
But thats ok LOL i nearly did too but managed in time to buy him a small gift (best of Poison CD).  We have the kids today, as any babysitters were all busy so we decided to just hang at home and its been great.  I have loved the cooler day too and the rain, we certainly needed it after the dust storm a couple of weeks ago.
I must be getting old(er)... when it rains now i think how great it is for the garden!

Here is a photo of me on my hens night...


Gina said...

Happy Anniversary Belinda!

I hope hubby makes up for it by being on best behaviour all day.

There is no so thing as too many cups of tea or foot rubs if you ask me!