Friday, October 23, 2009

Popcorn, traffic jams and playgrounds

I love my popcorn maker at home... its such a great snack for everyone.  No butter, no salt (boring i know!!!) but its a great healthy snack for everyone...

the boy loves his popcorn...

Near us, some roadworks are in progress to build a new round about.  A couple of weeks ago we got stuck in the traffic.  The line was so long you cant even SEE the roadworks yet.

Very frustrated...and late for the gym too!!!

Surprisingly enough, the kids were well behaved!

I got some new tyres for my car and we had to wait an hour, so we went to the park across the road.

What a cute little playground!

So glad i packed a sandwich, their hats and my phone camera!!

The hour went really quick!


Gina said...

I sat in that traffic jam this morning ... TWICE!

Once on the way to school (kids missed the bus) and then home again to get stuck into cleaning the messiest house in NSW!

Diana...aka...MeMe said...

The kids look like they had a good time, in the car, and at the park!! My friend was caught in a traffic jam on the freeway once, because of an accident up ahead on the road. She had her two grandkids in the car with her. She noticed people getting out of their cars and walking past her car and she asked where they were all going? They told her there was an ice cream truck just ahead!! What a treat! She asked a nice lady if she would mind getting her grandkids something and she gave her the money. Now the kids fondly say "remember that time we were stuck and had ice cream on the highway Grandma?" Oh memories!!