Friday, January 8, 2010


I did an earlier post, i think a year ago of the boy sucking his thumb.  He is still a thumb sucker!    His thumb got so bad recently i had to put antiseptic cream on it all day as it was peeling and blistering.  He even tells me when going to bed that he will suck of his other thumb but when i check on him during the night its often in the mouth.  I take it out but it always end back in there.  Im crossing my fingers he gets out of the habit before school.  He doesnt do it much during the day, mostly at night or if he is tired or sooky.

BUT mostly he does it when he sees his pillow!  He doesnt mind me changing the pillow case thankfully!  As long as its flannel.
And for some reason he has named his pillow "Mon-teece"...thats the best way i can spell what he says.  Sounds French LOL.

The kids love it when daddy slides them up and down the hallway on a blanket.  They could go all night LOL.  Pity daddy can only last a couple of minutes (and he is fit!!!).

Oh dear.. something tragic must have happened like his sister telling him to go away or shock horror Master 2 got in trouble!!!!

Oh and that is little red riding hood playing on the computer!

I let my boy take some photos.  This was the most decent shot of the lot....unless you want to see some shots of the ceiling or cupboards or headless shots lol.


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

A photographer in the making!! I just love little thumb suckers... they alway look like they are in heaven. Very soothing and comforting. Not too good for the teeth and a hard habit to break for sure. They are so adorable Belinda!