Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Tricky!

We picked up our new baby boy Quarrion (or Cockatiel if outside Australia) yesterday, and his name is Tricky.
He is 6 weeks old and very tame and loves being near humans.  So far he is very quiet, not too messy and gentle with the kids.  Fingers crossed he is always like this.

I always thought it was a great idea for kids to have a pet, we dont have the proper backyard for a dog and i dont particularly like cats so a tame bird was the most appropriate pet we could think of.  I was going to get a budgie, but Tricky will live a lot longer then budgies and talk lots (we hope).  Plus, Quarrions are native to Australia!

The weekend just gone we had very hot weather so the pool was wonderful!  The MOTH bought a shade cover to go over it, it came with a flyscreen which i thought made the pool loook a bit exotic LOL.

Here is a collage i made of New Years Eve.

I love making my own playdough and paints.  Its so easy especially with little bottles of food dye.  The big girl had fun the other day  making animal shapes with the playdough.
I couldnt resist the photo of that naked little bottom...


Gina said...

Welcome Tricky!
You look like you will bring a lot of fun to the house!