Monday, January 4, 2010

STOP! Daddy time...

I love daddy time.
It's good on so many levels... the kids love it for starters.  Daddy likes a bit of rough and tumble play and they do too.
It gives me time to finish dinner in peace or something as exciting as washing up!

Poor Daddy.. he is wrecked after playtime and the kids are only getting bigger!

Often daddy will put miss 5 to bed and ends up falling asleep in bed with her.  She loves it, his snoring must lull her to sleep (pity it doesnt do the same for me lol).
I like the shot of her catching flies in her sleep.  And yes they both slept through the camera and flash.

I must mention that the reason our boy is always starkers from the waste down is that he is much better at using the potty if he has no restrictions!  So i couldnt find a fig leaf so a clover is the next best thing...

Wonder what they will get up to tonight??

Did i mention that we just measured Master 2 and he is now 100cm tall at 2yrs 4 months old.  We are predicting he will get to be about 6ft7.  Not sure what to think of that, but what i do notice is that kids are getting bigger every generation, so he probably wont be that strange in 20yrs time!


Diana...aka...MeMe said...

Love the shot of Daddy in bed... sleeping right along with her!! Precious! My husband always had bed time duties... he handled them so well and I always used RoseAnne Bars line... 'IF THE KIDS WERE ALIVE WHEN MY HUSBAND GOT HOME, I HAD DONE MY JOB"!! Isn't nice to have that little break? And the kids love Daddy time too!!

Belinda from Australia said...

I love that line Diana! Even to wash up in peace is fabulous lol. I have shots of Daddy asleep on the floor too.... thats for another blog entry :-)