Saturday, October 31, 2009

Twilight Sailing

Every Friday night i go Twilight Sailing on lovely Lake Macquarie.
Usually there are 5 of us... my friends Alarna and Julian (who own the boat), Mick (who is our Masterchef and every week brings something delicious to eat for dinner) and me and my hubby.

Last night the hubby stayed home to babysit.  We usually have various friends and family helping out there but last night the babysitter couldnt make it so hubby volunteered!   He did a great job looking after our two and Alarna's little boy.

Here are som photos from last night...





Sorry, not the clearest of photos taken on the phone camera.

This wont be the last time i post photos from my Friday night twilight sail...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We have had a busy time of late.
On Friday i drove to the airport and picked up a friend of mine who i used to go to school with.  She spent the weekend with us.  We got up to lots... some of it was no good LOL but we had a great time!

In amongst all this im trying to toilet train my 2yr old boy.. who thinks he is a dog.  And my girl who rarely wears anything but pink decides to get in the frame.  What messy house??!!!

Tis the season to find spiders everywhere.. la la la la laaaaaaaaa
Cobwebs everywhere and sometimes the big spiders come inside! 
Not impressed Mr Huntsman!

My friend has a lovely GHD straitener so of course my girl wanted her hair done.  Gee it changed her whole face and made her look older!

I like this photo.  This is what usually happens every morning.  Hubby is having brekkie.  The girl climbs on his lap for a cuddle.  The baby boy is still asleep!

Taken recently at my gym.  I had just finished an aerobics class and my friend took a photo of me and the kids.  I have never seen my kids smile together... at the same time... in a photo!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Popcorn, traffic jams and playgrounds

I love my popcorn maker at home... its such a great snack for everyone.  No butter, no salt (boring i know!!!) but its a great healthy snack for everyone...

the boy loves his popcorn...

Near us, some roadworks are in progress to build a new round about.  A couple of weeks ago we got stuck in the traffic.  The line was so long you cant even SEE the roadworks yet.

Very frustrated...and late for the gym too!!!

Surprisingly enough, the kids were well behaved!

I got some new tyres for my car and we had to wait an hour, so we went to the park across the road.

What a cute little playground!

So glad i packed a sandwich, their hats and my phone camera!!

The hour went really quick!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Being a little bit self-sufficent

We can nearly pick strawberries everyday to eat.

I am also growing some snow peas

Some herbs in my garden

Eventually we are also going to grow some corn, potatoes and pumpkin.
I also love growing broccoli.
I planted some lettuce seeds last week too.

AND the best thing.... one day soon we will have a chook pen.
Fresh eggs everyday.. i cant wait!!!

(these arent mine but will be one day soon!!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy little girl

The other morning while we were waiting for Mr 2 yr old sleepy head to wake up, me and the girl snuggled in my bed (she had joined me minutes earlier) and grabbed my phone and took some photos.

Smiling for the camera.

As parents, we all think our kids are just the most gorgeous little humans on the planet.. and so we should!  And when i look at these photos of my little girl im just blown away at how delicious she really is!!!

I could eat her all up!

And then after taking a few silly shots and then showing her what she looked like.. i caught the best photo of her laughing...

So natural... so real and just lots of fun!

Us adults could learn a lot from our kids sometimes...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something new

It's a rainy sorta day here so im inside playing around with my blog... and i have a new template YAY!  i like things neat and uncluttered so im testing this one out to see if i like it.  I want to add a new heading and photo ... i will get there one day!  Back soon with more photos!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strawberry Smoothies

I love nothing more then going outside, picking fresh strawberries and making my kids a lovely strawberry smoothie to drink after lunch.

I read that in 12 strawberries you have your daily dose of vitamin C.  How amazing is that.
I think they went down a treat!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh dear

Last week the hubby bought Wii Monopoly.  We have been playing it all weekend and just love it!

What a great game and so tidy and easy compared to the board game and no cheating either LOL.  I hadnt played it in years.

So while we were in the loungeroom the kids were outside playing... and i had left some paint out from when DD was doing craft earlier.... and this is what i found when i went outside...


DD had lovingly painted her brother's face.  All i could do was throw them both in the bath and let the water turn green!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 years

Today the hubby and i are celebrating 6 years of marriage.
He forgot.
But thats ok LOL i nearly did too but managed in time to buy him a small gift (best of Poison CD).  We have the kids today, as any babysitters were all busy so we decided to just hang at home and its been great.  I have loved the cooler day too and the rain, we certainly needed it after the dust storm a couple of weeks ago.
I must be getting old(er)... when it rains now i think how great it is for the garden!

Here is a photo of me on my hens night...