Saturday, March 20, 2010

We love swimming

I have concentrated on getting the kids swimming lessons this summer.  I used to take the girl but she kept coming home with a runny nose and feeling sick.  But in the last couple of years new owners have taken over the local indoor swimming place and so far so good.  J loves her lessons, unfotunately we cant go this morning as we all have the flue!  YUK.  R loves them too, i still go in the pool with him as he isnt confident by himself yet but J is getting more confident with every lesson.

Here is a link to a small you tube clip i made on my mobile (its not the best sorry but you can check out our cute little pool).

Our pool

R is the nudie... J is in the blue top and red shorts (and cries at the end for some unknown reason!) and the other little girls are Sophie and Kelsi who live on both sides of us.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Worlds Greatest Shave

Around this time of year its the time for heads to be shaved (or hair to be spray painted bright pink etc) all to help raise awareness for Leukemia and to raise much need money for research.
This fundraiser is especially important to me as one of my best friends, Lenora was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago.
So on Sunday a group of us got together for a party (dress up party in the theme of 'hair the musical' or just the 60's)  and 4 people got their heads shaved including one girl!!!  My hubby was one of them and he also grew a porn star moustache for the occassion too.  Here are some photos, click to enlarge...

Some photos of Rory...

Just woken up!

Singing on his karaoke machine in front of the mirror

Peddling fast down the out!  aaaaw cuddles together.  Best friends forever too i hope (doesnt every mother?!)

So last week at school it was funky fluro friday.  Its a bit of a fund raiser, here are some photos of the girl all dressed up.  I didnt have much fluro but i did have funky and bright (may i add here that i did not ask her to pose like this, she did it all herself the big poser lol)

Here are the kids holding baby Emilia.  She doesnt look too impressed!  Im so proud of Rory, he is so gentle with her.  I think we have an arranged marriage on our hands here LOL.

And very exciting news.... after a few letters and phone calls to council, they finally are getting rid of the awful gravel pit out the front of our home and replacing it with roadbase... YAY.  After rain we would get potholes... and bring in mud and dirt into the garage.  I will have the before and after photos next week when they have finished.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big 5th birthday party and more

Where does time go?
I think if i only did blog entries with no photos i could do more but i love spending time on picnik and doing all the pretty collages lol.

Firstly, to the big girls birthday part on Saturday.  We were so lucky with the weather.  It was at least 30C and sunny, perfect for a pool party (sunday was hot too and then it started to rain on Monday... and Tuesday... and overcast Wednesday).  Well it is Autumn now...


Click on photo to enlarge

More fun in the pool with the neighbours.  The pool might only have another month left before its taken down for the cooler months.  I will miss it, its been so much fun.  It will become a normal slide after this, the kids will slide straight on the ground.

Getting the courtyard ready for the party is a big job.  Im so glad i had some helpers the day before..  (if only i could sweep naked lol).

One of the presents was a gorgeous floor puzzle which daddy helped the kids put together.

The kids love giving us back massages and my big boy loves giving daddy neck massages too.

Luckily the kids usually love dinner.  I took this photo because i asked my girl if she could be any more pinker!!!  Of course the boy wanted a photo too...

The courtyard is great fun to draw on with thick chalk.  Here are some creations...