Thursday, January 28, 2010

The last week...

We have gotten up to lots this last week.  Here it is in photos...

A trip to the doctors to get some anti-biodics for the girl's impetigo.
She hasnt even started school yet!!!

I visited my friend Bonnie and met her gorgeous little boy Charlie.  He spent nearly the whole 3 hours i was there asleep on me... it was heaven!!!  He reminds me so much of my little boy - real chubba bubba!!

It was Australia Day on the 26th January.  I started the day with Alarna and Stuart at the Speers Point Park but it got so hot we had to come home and have a swim!  Not before a nice cold ice cream first though!

We had two birthday parties last weekend, and both for 5yr old little girls.  This first photo is 4 of the kids from our original mothers group which i joined when JJ was 4 weeks old.  now they are turning 5.  Look at them aged approx 10months old.   My how fast time goes....

This photo is of the other party held down at the local park.  Its a lovely spot and we met people who travelled from Sydney for their holidays (and we live here!!!).  The hubby was happily lent their small canoe and took the kids out... J loved it but R wasnt too impressed!  Look at those dirty feet!   They had so much fun!

Yesterday, the hubby and i had a day to ourselves!  We dropped the kids off at daycare (J's last day as she starts big school next week!) and since i dont want to be very far from her when she does start school this was our last chance to jump in the car and drive to Sydney for the day.  At the Powerhouse Museum ( they had lots of really fascinating exhibits, but the one we were most keen for was Back to the 80's.  Here are some photos...

Daddy and boy time is very special...

We found out that birds love to be sprayed with water to be kept cool and to keep them clean.  So we sprayed Tricky the other hot day, he looked like a drowned rat... and we even took him in the pool and he loved sitting on the egde.  He only flew in a couple of times LOL

Some shots of the kids playing and sleeping.. such angels..

Next week the big girl starts school - on the 3rd February.  Get ready for lots of photos!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Last Friday me and the kids went and visited my beautiful friend Lenora and her daughter Emma.
Lenora has fought the big battle this year with Leukemia. If we are talking about people whom to admire, this chicky babe here is at the top of my list! Im so proud to call her one of my bestest buddies!!!!
We met in approx 1992 doing a hospitality course and have remained firm friends ever since. Now our kids are great friends and how wonderful is that!!!!

Brendan popped in for lunch too so was lovely to catch up with the hunk of spunk too LOL.

Rory is bonding more with Tricky lately so thats good to see.  He still wont let him on his shoulder but im sure we will get there one day...

I was so pleased the other day to see the kids reading a book together!  Not fighting or yelling at each other LOL.  I just had to take a photo.  Im glad for the photo editing so i can discreetly cover Rory's bits!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Tricky!

We picked up our new baby boy Quarrion (or Cockatiel if outside Australia) yesterday, and his name is Tricky.
He is 6 weeks old and very tame and loves being near humans.  So far he is very quiet, not too messy and gentle with the kids.  Fingers crossed he is always like this.

I always thought it was a great idea for kids to have a pet, we dont have the proper backyard for a dog and i dont particularly like cats so a tame bird was the most appropriate pet we could think of.  I was going to get a budgie, but Tricky will live a lot longer then budgies and talk lots (we hope).  Plus, Quarrions are native to Australia!

The weekend just gone we had very hot weather so the pool was wonderful!  The MOTH bought a shade cover to go over it, it came with a flyscreen which i thought made the pool loook a bit exotic LOL.

Here is a collage i made of New Years Eve.

I love making my own playdough and paints.  Its so easy especially with little bottles of food dye.  The big girl had fun the other day  making animal shapes with the playdough.
I couldnt resist the photo of that naked little bottom...

Friday, January 8, 2010


I did an earlier post, i think a year ago of the boy sucking his thumb.  He is still a thumb sucker!    His thumb got so bad recently i had to put antiseptic cream on it all day as it was peeling and blistering.  He even tells me when going to bed that he will suck of his other thumb but when i check on him during the night its often in the mouth.  I take it out but it always end back in there.  Im crossing my fingers he gets out of the habit before school.  He doesnt do it much during the day, mostly at night or if he is tired or sooky.

BUT mostly he does it when he sees his pillow!  He doesnt mind me changing the pillow case thankfully!  As long as its flannel.
And for some reason he has named his pillow "Mon-teece"...thats the best way i can spell what he says.  Sounds French LOL.

The kids love it when daddy slides them up and down the hallway on a blanket.  They could go all night LOL.  Pity daddy can only last a couple of minutes (and he is fit!!!).

Oh dear.. something tragic must have happened like his sister telling him to go away or shock horror Master 2 got in trouble!!!!

Oh and that is little red riding hood playing on the computer!

I let my boy take some photos.  This was the most decent shot of the lot....unless you want to see some shots of the ceiling or cupboards or headless shots lol.

Monday, January 4, 2010

STOP! Daddy time...

I love daddy time.
It's good on so many levels... the kids love it for starters.  Daddy likes a bit of rough and tumble play and they do too.
It gives me time to finish dinner in peace or something as exciting as washing up!

Poor Daddy.. he is wrecked after playtime and the kids are only getting bigger!

Often daddy will put miss 5 to bed and ends up falling asleep in bed with her.  She loves it, his snoring must lull her to sleep (pity it doesnt do the same for me lol).
I like the shot of her catching flies in her sleep.  And yes they both slept through the camera and flash.

I must mention that the reason our boy is always starkers from the waste down is that he is much better at using the potty if he has no restrictions!  So i couldnt find a fig leaf so a clover is the next best thing...

Wonder what they will get up to tonight??

Did i mention that we just measured Master 2 and he is now 100cm tall at 2yrs 4 months old.  We are predicting he will get to be about 6ft7.  Not sure what to think of that, but what i do notice is that kids are getting bigger every generation, so he probably wont be that strange in 20yrs time!