Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family photos

My Mum doesnt own or know how to use a computer, so about once or twice a year she asks me to 'empty' her camera memory stick of all photos and put them on my computer.  Gee she takes a LOT of brurry photos lol, but some are quite good.  Here are a few I took off her camera:

Taken earlier this year in Canberra, where Deb lives.  Nick and Kayla have now left Canberra to go live in Canada.  Cant wait to visit them one day soon!  From left: Kayla, Me, Dad, Nick, Deb, Jo and Mum

Gotta wear glasses all the time now lol

Dad, Nick and Steve

Kayla, Jakayla and Rory.  So, my  kids are Jakayla and Rory, and Nick (my nephew) lived with Kayla and Rory.  It was meant to be :)

I don't follow (or like for that matter) rugby league, but my Dad is a born South Sydney  boy and has worshiped loved them all his life.  Rory knows that Poppy loves the Bunnies so he gets excited when he sees the red/white/green.  Which is practically all over Dad's house!

Rory and Jakayla at the front.  Me, Dad, Nick, Deb, Jo and Mum

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our new baby...

And her name is (Ja) Cuzzi..... we love her lol.