Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

wow i cant believe another decade has just finished.

This time 10 yrs ago i was in England in the freezing cold about to celebrate NYE on the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Christmas day was loads of fun... the kids got brand new bikes each.  They also got loads of cool presents like a Barbie Aeroplane (i didnt even know that existed!!!), embroided pillow cases in brand new latex pillows.  Clothes, toys, shoes.

The MOTH scored well with a remote control helicopter...

And his LX SS Torana t-shirt.

I of course got my brand new Toshiba Satellite Laptop .I love it!!!!!!!!!  4 GB memory and 500GB harddrive.  WOW.  My last computer was 80GB harddrive.  It still did the job and was a wonderful computer for years.  It's now the games computer!

Lets no forget the gorgeous new pool and slide that the MOTH spent hours perfecting, putting together and buying all the gear needed.  It was a labour of love and we love it!  Pity it hasnt really stopped raining since xmas day for us to truely appreciate it!!!  It hasnt quite finished yet, as we need some perspex on the outter rim of the pool to stop the water hitting everyone sitting in the courtyard. LOL.

With our summer comes the nasties.... lots of red-back spiders - YUK!  The stay mostly outdoors thankfully, but the MOTH sprayed all the spiders the other day and the next morning i went around sweeping up carcasses...

My gorgeous pink girl..

Kids, by the time you read my blogs i bet these are no longer in existance... corks in wine bottles.  How sad.  Sure the twist tops are easier, 
but nowhere near as classy as uncorking a bottle and hearing the 'pop'.

So it's NYE tonight.  We are heading down to the usual spot.. Wangi Foreshore.  We have been going there for about 8 years now.  I always THINK of doing something different but it never happens lol.  I will try and take some photos to put on here.  I hope the rain holds off for the fireworks at 9pm.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthdays, babies and fun

Well, the MOTH (man of the house) recently turned 37 so we went out for dinner to help him celebrate.  I always like to make sure we do something for him, considering its so close to xmas so they can kinda get blurred together!

How many princesses can there be in one bed i ask you?

J loves the computer.  I really have to monitor the time she spends on it.  The computer isnt on the internet (yet) so its mainly games on there.

Here is Emelia my friend Sam's new baby girl.  She was quite a surprise, Sam swore she was having a boy (her first baby was a boy, Max is 19 months old).

R is so cheeky... always closing his eyes (on purpose mind) when i go to take photos!!!!!

We love our baths!

We went to Carols by Candlelight on Sunday night held at our local park.  It was fun but we didnt stay too long, the natives (i.e kids) were getting restless but it was great to see our little park filled with hundreds and hundreds of people and to see friends.

The MOTH is currently outside busy putting together our gorgeous little pool and mega slide.  We will be using it for the first time this afaternoon, so will post photos tomorrow.  It's a hot one today too so we cant wait!

PS - a big hello to my mate Moira who is popping in here for a visit!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Having fun with JibJab

I could spend hours on this site.  What a hoot!

Friday, December 18, 2009

So much going on!

wow... havent done a post in a couple of weeks.  Things are always so hectic around Christmas, but i have been taking heaps of photos.  Now i just have to put them into collages so i can put them on here...

Some photos of J and notice the new school uniform!
She officially starts school on the 3rd February 2010.  How exciting.
Also a cheeky one of her and her brother.

Here are some photos taken at J's last day of Pre-School.
What a fabulous school it was too, the teachers were so kind and caring.  
She absolutely loved it and has already asked if she can go to big school AND pre-school.

Waiting for pre-school to open.

So, we are trying to grow a blueberry tree.   He is only a baby but hopefully by the time my kids are old enough to read my blog and (hopefully) like it.. the tree will be huge and given us many years of lovely fruit!

We don't go to Maccas (McDonalds) very often.  Maybe twice a year for a treat.  So the other day it was hot, we were all hungry and we knew we passed a Maccas on the way home (well, thats not that hard really, they pop up anywhere all the time!!!).  
Here are some photos of us enjoying an ice cream cone each.

On the weekend i went to Adelaide, South Australia for the weekend.  It was my first trip away from the kids and i was sooooo excited to see my friends but dreading leaving the kids.  I was devastated for the first hour after i left as J screamed and tried to run towards the train.
I was in tears and so was she.  R seemed OK but got sooky when he heard my voice on the phone.
We also skyped on the computer so was good to see them too.

Planes, Train and Automobiles was a lot of my weekend!

And can you believe it.. no photos of Louise on my camera!  We did get a professional shot taken of the both of us, so as soon as i get a copy of that its on here!
Look at the size of that mirror!  Taken at the Sebel Playford.


Last twilight sail of the year (for me as i was in SA for the final). 
It starts up again mid January, so more silly photos to come no doubt...

And last but not least... a quick photo of a recent leg of lamb i cooked.
Sorry to any vego's reading this.
I dont eat as much meat as i used to but gee we love a good lamb roast with homegrown rosemary and garlic.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More sailing and feasts to eat!

On Friday night it was my usual sailing fun time.  It didnt rain this time, but we did get to eat Mick the Masterchefs delicious beef spare ribs... yum thanks Mick!

On Sunday night we had some friends around.. and we all cooked up a vegetarian feast.  Jase, who is the only real vegetarian thought he had gone to heaven!

What you dont see here is the sausage rolls we had for entree and the apple enchiladas for dessert!  What a great night with great friends - Jase, Suzy, Sam, Josh, Max, Ned and us!

My friend Sam is due to have her baby in a couple of weeks.  It's very exciting.
We dont plan on having any more kids, so its nice to have babies around.
I get very clucky around newborns.

both looking a little hot and bothered.

Speaking of weather, its been so weird lately.  Really really hot days (see above) and then the first day of summer (December 1st) was something like 21C!!!  Dont get me wrong though, i love this cooler weather and the kids sleep better too (YAY!).

Jakayla had her Pre-school xmas concert last night, i took the video camera with me.  I will try and get some good still shots to put on here.