Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Pool Time!

Wayne has been busy putting our pool together for summer.  We take the lining out and pack away the filter over winter so it stays fresh and clean, although we did have to buy a new liner.  So yesterday after i picked the kids up from school and daycare i thought i would check out the water temp and what do you know, it was beautiful.  Here is a video (which i hope all can see) and some photos...

Here is Wayne on his first trip down...

he enjoyed it... really...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maitland Gaol

On Sunday, Wayne and I went on a date to Maitland Gaol.  Not the normal place for a date, but when Nanna is babysitting we take the opportunity to see local sites.  I won two tickets a few months ago so we headed to Maitland (about 40mins drive north) for a tour of the infamous gaol.

Maitland Gaol has a vibrant history spanning more than 150 years. After housing some of Australia's most hardened and notorious criminals, Maitland Gaol closed as a Correctional Institution in 1998.

click to enlarge

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An update - I've been busy!

I have been busy, i finally got a job thats my most important news.  I have been looking for part-time work for a while now and I found a great job.  Im a PA for a Recruitment business.  I work a couple of days a week and/or do some work from home.  It fits in perfect with school hours and my kids.  Eventually when Rory goes to school i will have more work but for the moment its wonderful!  Here's some photos from the last couple of weeks...

My Dad turns 74!

My sister Joanne and me

Rory loves swimming lessons

Jakayla sitting on our Motorbike with Daddy (it's ok its not moving)

A pretty girl :)

Trixie just got hosed down and wasnt too impressed lol

Rory and his best buddy Ben

Jakayla and Rory playing at Stuart's house