Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello July

Honestly where does time go?  Im a bit annoyed at myself with only one entry for June so i will have to make sure i do better this month.
Winter is upon us, i love winter and the cold.  We have a lovely fireplace which keeps our home very warm and toasty.  It has been getting down to 1C some nights which is really cold!!!!  Our home is very well insulated, its handy having a builder for a husband!
We are getting photovoltaic panels on our roof next month, so we will then become a carbon neutral home which is fabulous!
Now time to see what photos have been taken the last month....

We had some wood and twigs to burn so we had a little bon fire the other night.  Rugged the kids up and they loved it.
We gets lots of Kookaburras visit us, but this one was quite tame and after i fed him some left over sausages it was hard to get rid of him!  He visited for a few days until i stopped the food!

Look at these cheeky smiles.  Also notice nudie kids in the loungeroom.  I put the music on and went to see what they were up to.  Well techincally Rory isnt nude, he has his beanie on!  Luckily the heat transfer takes the heat from the dining room where the fireplace is, into the loungeroom!

We recently had the school sports carnival, and our team colour was green (very hard to find a flattering green top let me tell you!).  A friend had a can of green hairspray on hand so we had a bit of fun with the kids hair...

Here are some nice photos....
Rory and his cousin Nick.  Nick is about 6ft 6 and we think Rory will one day be able to look him in the eye!
Rory and his mate Ben.  Ben is 9yrs old but Rory just ADORES him and Ben is so good with him too, loves playing with him.  Ben's  brother Tim is in Jakayla's kindergarten class.

Me and my sister Deb.
Rory and Stuart fast asleep.... me and the hubby and Stuarts parents went out for an afternoon (it was lovely!!!) and my friend Suzy, who babysat sent me this photo to tell me all was good!

Tricky is going strong and healthy... must be the odd bit of beer he is consuming!

I love this one.  Jakayla drew a picture of Tricky and i was so impressed with it i stuck it on the wall right near his cage.  Problem is he loves it too and has nearly eaten most of it.

Well thats about it from us at the moment.  Rory has viral laryngitis so he is very sooky and cranky and unwell at the moment poor baby. So far so good for the rest of us!  Till next time...