Friday, October 22, 2010

We love fruit!

ahhh we love springtime too.  Our strawberry patch is coming along just nicely and each day we can pick nearly a bowl full of delicious strawberries.  Here is Rory with today's beautiful pick...

How good are watermelons this time of year and so cheap too.  I think this whole watermelon cost me about 70cents.

Lets not forget avocados.  I so desperately want an avocado tree but my hubby thinks they are a pain.  Being a builder he has seen the damage these trees can cause so i will make do with buying them!  Dont you just love my avocado keeper i got from Tupperware a while ago!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Swimming Superstar!

I didnt start swimming lessons for Rory until the beginning of this year.  I found that when Jakayla started when she was younger she kept getting a lot of colds and sickness from the pool so i delayed Rory.  He is going strong now, already gone up two levels and he swam by himself (with the instructor Robyn that is, i wasnt in the pool holding him like usual!).  He wasnt too keen at first, trying to take my clothes off to find my cossies LOL but eventually he settled down and i got some great shots.  Jakayla has been swimming all year with just an instructor and this Friday she hops in the big bus and goes with her class to the pool for swimming lessons.  Im so proud :)

Rory has a great relationship with his Pop (my Dad).  My dad is a bit of a teaser and loves to play with Rory.  But saying that, Nanna is the one who brings the cupcakes when she visits so she is welcomed with open arms too!

I recently purchases a Buzz Lightyear sheet set from Ebay.  Pre-loved of course and a bargain at $15.  So this is the result and my little boy was in love....

Little Athletics is still loads of fun, last Friday it started to rain and the wind came in but we stayed for a little while.  Jakayla is in the under 6's and Rory is in the Tinytots.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We got some professional portraits done at Jakayla's school, with some proceeds going to fundraising for the school.  I look pretty average but gee my kids polish up good!  The hubby aint too bad either ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He is catching up fast!

Both my kids were born quite large.  Jakayla was 9pd10 and 57cm.  Rory was 10pd and 57cm.  Mind you Jakayla was 2 weeks OVER and Rory was one week UNDER cooked.  God help me if he has stayed in an extra 2 weeks, he would have been massive.  As it was he was tested for diabetes!!!!  He was fine, just a big stropping boy.  Both the births were natural, i did love that gas though!  Both were breastfed for a long time, Jakayla until 19months old and Rory was 2yrs 2 months old.  I LOVED breastfeeding and would have gone longer for both if they hadnt told me they were finished!

There is 2.5yrs difference between my kids, and as you can see by these photos, at first she seemed massive, but they now weigh the same as each other (20kgs each) and by the amount of food he eats, he is getting taller everyday!!!

It was really hard to pick JUST 12 photos let me tell you!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I just had to make an entry today for such a special date!

WOW 10/10/10.
 I had to put this photo in.  I always shop at my local Lifeline for my kids.  The clothes are pre-loved but in such good condition.  Here is an example.  Rory's shirt says "Dont let the bed bugs bite" and Jakayla is wearing a fairy cake pj's.  Great isnt it.  They always get new stuff for their birthdays so i leave the general clothes to buy from Lifeline.  I have even picked myself up some nice tops and jeans!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magical school holidays

School holidays vary between the states of Australia and also around the world.  Its amazing to think that some people are starting Autumn and we are starting Spring.  I love spring its my favourite season.  The days are warm and sunny, with flowers blooming and my herb garden is starting to ripen.  The nights are still cool enough to snuggle under the doona.

Taken in our garden.  They close up during the night.

This is the last week of school holidays before Jakayla goes back to school (kindergarten) next week.  Its also her final term before she embarks on Year 1.  Wow my baby is growing up!

Yesterday i took the kids to see a magician at the local library.  It was hilarious, the kids enjoyed all the kid jokes and the parents enjoyed all the adult 'behind the words' jokes.  Very entertaining...

Having friends over is always good fun and laughs.  I had 6 kids in my house this morning.  Lots of noise and running around.  My friend Alarna was in hospital having her baby girl (Karla) so i minded her boy Stuart.  We love him visiting he is such a quiet happy little boy.  I cant wait to meet Karla this afternoon!

My superhero... in sunglasses.

And last but not least.... i mixed up some strawberries from the garden and some strawberry ice cream and froze them to make yummy icecream blocks.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 years married

Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary.  Wayne got me a lovely new Samsung  F480i touch phone.  It's very exciting.  The best thing is the awesome 5MP camera in it.  Recently my camera died so i was using the camera in my old mobile camera.  Thank you sweetie for a lovely gift!

Im a lucky girl!!!
My present to Wayne wasnt as luxurious... he got some chocolates and bbq cleaner BUT i did get him a copy of...

We love Total Drama Island.  It's supposed to be for kids but its so hilarious.

This morning Jakayla woke up 'starving' so i asked her what she wanted for brekkie... she thought long and hard about it and decided on daddy's yummy yogurt and strawberries.  So i took a bowl outside to pick some strawberries...

I knew Rory would be awake soon so i got his porridge ready.  He loves a big bowl of porridge drizzled with honey.

Sorry Rory, my photo editing software has a Halloween section.  I couldnt help myself :)

I've decided that Wayne eats too much so i have down-graded his fork..