Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goodbye Nick and Trixie

A bit of a sad time in our home at the moment.  On Thursday late afternoon (9 Aug), our bird Trixie decided to go for a fly outside and unfortunately we have not found her.  The kids are devastated and I feel so bad because I was the one who left the door open.  This door, by the way, is what i use when bringing in the groceries and she has never even looked out the door let alone flied out it.  Was so shocked!  Went running and looking for her but sadly no Trixie.  I have put up posters and we will keep looking...
Nick also said goodbye this morning, he is moving to Canada permanently to be with his girlfriend Kayla (who is lovely).  We will go and visit him in a couple of years, I cant wait, I would move to Canada in a heartbeat if i got the chance. 
Loving the photo bomb from Rory!!
On Wed night, all the local Wangi people gathered at Wangi RSL to celebrate two local boys winning gold at the Olympics in sailing.  I got on TV LOL.  Here's the LINK to one of them.
Me and my friend Alarna celebrating!


Elsie and Joan said...

Oh love, how awful. Try not to lay blame on yourself and you never know, Trixie may well find it home. Friends of ours lost their cat, put up stacks of posters everywhere and after a month had all but given up hope. Then, someone who recognised the cat from the photo in the posters kindly brought him home. Big hugs to you all. Billie XXXX

Gina said...

I hope the kids are ok about Trixie. Let us know if she returns.

Belinda said...

Thanks guys! Unfortunately no word on Trixie, so after a month I went and bought a baby budgie. I will do a post on him soon. He wasn't a replacement for Trixie, but he is helping to heal some of the pain.