Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello 2013

I am a very slack blogger I know!  I have much more fun with Instagram then any other social media.  There are some photos on my sidebar.

 I went to High Tea in Sydney with Louise.. Was lovely!

I saw Maroon 5 at Sydney Ent Cent with my friend Kristie

An early xmas lunch with the family...

At Christmas time we went camping to Big 4 at Soldiers Point for a few days and then onto Lake St Clair near Singleton.  The lake won hands down for me.  It was amazing, the lake is half the volume of Sydney Harbour and fresh water too!  I love it.  We didnt have anyone camping near us, and it was so relaxing and fun.  We were a bit dirty when we got home though, no showers or toilets near us (thank god that Wayne bought a portaloo!!).

See how far away everyone was from us!!!

Poor baby boy was very hot and tired, they loved the hammock!

I loved playing with the panoramic button on my tablet!
The indoor pool was used every morning at Soldiers Pt
Happy New Year everyone!

Jakayla looks like a homeless child by the time we got home

Dirty burnt feet with thong marks.  Good Aussie holiday!

I made sushi for the first time.  I love it, was very delicious.  Wayne and the kids hated the nori (seaweed) so next time i will make it without it!!!!

My baby boy starts school on the 4th Feb.  Here are his new school shoes.  He is a size 2 wide lol.

Last Friday was the hottest day ever recorded in my area.
I have never felt heat like this, it was suffocating to walk outside!!!

Here's to updating my poor blog more often this year!!!